Hi, I'm Elio!

illustrator + graphic designer

I'm Elio! You can either call me that, or Eli, or Lio/Leo. or xemnas
🌺 26 years old🌺 they/them only please🌺pansexual, genderqueer and 100% liberal af Muslim and there's nothing you can do about it 🌺diagnosed with major depressive disorder/seeking evaluation for autistic spectrum disorder🌺 Sunni Muslim🌺 Malaysian POC; Javanese-Berawan🌺 Mostly Bahasa Malaysia/English🌺 Currently working towards a Communications major!🌺 will not shut up about Organization XIII and their 383493252 aus

• This may be an art account, but it's also VERY retweet-heavy.

• I don't follow anyone over 35 or under 18 unless I know the person personally.

• If I tweet/retweet anything in Bahasa Malaysia you're very welcome to ask me for a translation. I don't translate jokes though. They'll just lose its magic if translated to English.

• I interchange between "LGBT" and "queer" when talking about LGBT issues a LOT. Don't get mad if I use "queer" because that's just how I do things.

• If breaking mutuals, I prefer if you can softblock me when doing so.

• DO NOT ask me shit about being a queer/liberal Muslim. There's a high chance that I'll just ignore you, especially if your question comes off as condescending. Do your own damn research.

• RTs of opinions are not endorsements nor do they represent my clients, employers etc. All opinions made on this account represent me and me only.

• Don't disturb my peace, and I won't disturb yours.


you're a homophobe / anti-sjw / gamergater / terf / generally a bigotyou're a Malay Muslim that constantly ridicules or attacks liberal Muslimsyou ship incest / adult/minor ships / abusive shipsyour content includes the following: rape, sexualization of minors, abuse you believe LGBT Muslims don't exist/should not be given the same rights as other LGBT persons because of their religionyou constantly ridicule non-binary identities, or make "I identify as an attack helicopter" jokes or anything in that veinyou are a Voltron fan AND constantly post/retweet fandom wank on your twitter, AND are either a sheith or klance shipper.
These criteria also serves as a list of things/people I will not do business with.

Ask to follow if:

Your main fandom is Voltron: Legendary Defender that doesn't ship sheith/klance, stayed away from fandom bullshit and we've never followed each other before thisYou found me via some Malaysian twitter accounts like vulpineninja, sfqomhz, zhukl etc. and want to follow. First, I'd like to clarify that I have NOTHING against them, and many of these people are my friends! It's just that I deactivated and stayed on this account so I can deal with less Twitter drama of the Malaysian twitter kind. Hope you understand! (Note: you're welcome to follow me if we've followed each other before this on my @xemnenas account)



E-mail and Whatsapp are STRICTLY for work purposes only.
Discord available to mutuals only upon request.
Private/NSFW Twitter is strictly for close friends only.
DMs open to anyone but I am pretty picky with who I respond.

personal twitter / curious cat / personal tumblr